Encounters Guide: X-Isle Has Its Challenges

It’s a long road to the promised loot. In each hunt in HAWKED, you’ll have to gather five Glyphs to unlock the Treasure Vault and loot the Artifact within. But that’s easier written in a sentence than done in a match. For every Glyph you’ll have to complete an Encounter, challenges that could involve defeating hordes of Disciples, shooting mysterious blossoms, or entering tile pattern codes.

Bjorn’s studied the intel of each Encounter across X-Isle, and he’ll buzz in with general directions on how to complete them. Even so, this guide will prepare you for what you might face out there, and a fallback in case the scientist’s thoughts are a bit too much in the heat of the moment.

Fighting Encounters

Sometimes the Disciples have gotten to the Glyphs first. They’ve been on the island for longer after all. A lone Grizzleback might be standing guard or an entire camp will be stationed to defend their bounty. They may be waiting in ambush or protecting a captured Familiar that could lead you to a nearby Glyph if freed.

Tile Encounters

Certain Glyphs are hidden inside old, locked-up temples or mysterious water contraptions. You’ll have to shoot out the code combination tiles to unlock them or get them working. Matching patterns once they’re revealed, finding common tiles between two overlapping patterns, or following a sequence is the key to completion.

Rune Encounters

The key to unlocking Glyphs is often hidden in plain sight in the form of runes carved into pillars or rotating plates. You’ll have to identify which ones form the key, and which ones don’t, then place them accordingly. The clues are often matching, or revealed by the surrounding environment.

Mystery Tree Encounters

Among the many mysteries of X-Isle is an especially peculiar tree, with a Glyph hidden within its boughs and a simple but varying method to unlocking it. Shoot down the blossoms, either as they descend at once or in sequence. Just act quickly before they rot!

That’s all the types of Encounters discovered across the island so far. But as more of X-Isle is explored throughout Issues, so will new Encounters reveal themselves for Renegades to complete.