Disciple Guide: The Comprehensive Bestiary

When GRAIL sent the first Renegades to X-Isle, they weren’t entirely sure what they’d find there, but a nation of terrifying reptilian warrior “Disciples” was not at the top of the list. Upon their discovery, Renegades rushed to hunt down the beasts, bringing back trophies and tales of every kind of Disciple they could find. Their collective research was eventually compiled into a tome of knowledge called The Comprehensive Bestiary.

In this guide, we present the pocket edition of this top encyclopedia. Discover all known entries about the invasive, otherworldly Disciple species, their habits, strengths, and peculiarities.


“Claws up close or stones from a distance; the fancy ones even spit acid. Some advice? If you run into them, just start blasting.”

Lithe and agile, Ripclaws are the common foot soldiers of the Disciple horde. Almost always found in small groups, they’ll drop just about anything to sink their claws into a Renegade, or throw rocks at whatever they don’t like but can’t reach.

As with most Disciple species, there’s a noticeable hierarchy to their ranks. Elite Ripclaws wear bone armor and are especially agile, able to strike as they jump. Champion Ripclaws can Jumpstrike still, are even more heavily armored, and their acid breath has a dangerous, caustic quality. 


“Some people feel the rain, others get wet. I got burned, because it turned out to be Croaker acid.”

Closely related to the Ripclaw, this Disciple’s aggression is less physical and more in line with wanting to drown the world in acid. It won’t close in for the attack, as it’s just as capable of wreaking havoc from a distance with shootable claws. Try and rush it, and it’ll spit acid projectiles to keep you at a distance.

Armored Elite Croakers are even more dangerous, and their acid projectiles explode on impact. The Champion Croakers are capable of the same, while their acid is strong enough to leave a caustic puddle as it explodes.


“It’s not a surprise that the Disciples worship something. What’s surprising is that whatever they worship actually answers.”

No other creature seems to be so in tune with X-Isle. Fanatic Disciples use whatever magic grips the land to adapt and survive, turning invisible when threatened and healing themselves when injured. Their gifts are just as much a boon to their brethren, and all Fanatics can reinforce their allies’ armor and heal them in battle.

The shinier their glamour, the higher their standing in Disciple society and the greater their mystical powers. The Elite Fanatic can heal and reinforce the armor of up to four Disciples simultaneously instead of one, and the Champion Fanatic can do the same to all nearby allies while also boosting their damage.


“They brought a Slabscale…”

Found in Disciple settlements, near temples, and at high-value locations, if a Slabscale is in the way, then there’s likely something valuable ahead. It’s towering and bulky, don’t let its size fool you. Its movements are quick, and it can roll, rush, and jump over any distance faster than you can shoot, bashing heads in and swiping enemies with heavy weaponry. 

The higher the class, the tougher they are to put down. Elite Slabscales are armored with bone, but sharp-eyed Renegades can break their helmets. Champion Slabscales are an even greater challenge, with unbreakable steel shoulder armor blocking damage, especially as it charges.


“I’d sooner just put all the loot right back where I found it than brave one of those again.”

Run into a Grizzleback? Tough luck. The ferocity of a Slabscale with a dash of battle smarts makes this Disciple the biggest, brawniest, and nastiest to stomp around X-Isle. Bright side? You’re likely to find it worthwhile if you manage to defeat one. All you have to do is survive! 

Don’t let them turn their backs on you; the spikes along their spines have a habit of shooting out and skewering targets. They also have a temper. Anger them, and they’re likely to encase themselves in armor, becoming entirely invincible apart from their vulnerable red chests. Rumour has it that resourceful Renegades have found ways to disable their invincibility through various effects.

Topping it all off with broad sweeps of their weapons and devastating jumps and crush-rolls, Grizzlebacks only come in one singularly terrifying variant–a nightmare.



These little treasure scavengers are a nuisance to Renegade and Disciple alike. Small, quick, and agile, these masters of mischief love to set ambushes across X-Isle and store stolen treasures in hidden stashes.

Be wary of any ‘conveniently dropped’ grenades hidden in the grass while chasing them, and keep an eye out for their traps. Some even have a knack for climbing atop ceremonial totems. Like the Crowdbasher, a cheeky variant that shoots down projectiles from its high vantage point to slow Renegades down.

Not everyone considers the Shroudbasker a pest. The Knucklehead seems to find them endearing, forming a destructive duo as the little critter combines its slowing projectiles with the larger Disciple’s charge.


“What the heck is driving that thing?”

Not the smartest Disciple. But what it lacks in brains, it makes up for in strength and an appetite for seafood, belching out half-eaten fish scraps when it can’t reach its target. Its fellow Shroudbaskers are the minds behind its brawn, combining the Knucklehead’s charge attacks with slowing projectiles.

Renegades might think it clever to deal with the Shroudbasker first, but that’ll just send the beast into a frenzy. May fortune favor whoever dares eliminate the little critter, as they’ll find themselves the main target of the Knucklehead’s clawed vengeance. Better to just focus on the Knucklehead, dodging both Disciple’s attacks until it’s down.


“Poor mites did good dealing with the claws and shooters. Was almost a shame swooping in ‘n taking all the loot when it was over.”

The Disciples’ bulky beast-of-burden solution to moving hoards of loot across X-Isle, Caravans carry a great deal of treasure and are heavily guarded for this reason. Renegades can shoot down chests for quick rewards if they can get through its Ripclaw escort and the Caravan Shooters atop it. But the greatest prize is from defeating the beast itself. Shoot off its defensive hide and dodge its acid breath until it’s down, then bag the most lucrative loot from its haul.

Oh, and make sure to keep an eye out for any Renegade opponents. You’re not the only one out for spoils, and it’s just as fair to stay back and wait for rival Renegades to deal with the risk before swooping in.

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