Artifacts: The Ancient Treasures of X-Isle

When the first Renegades stumbled upon X-Isle’s ancient Artifacts, they knew they’d found something big. The mysterious objects granted special powers to whoever carried them, and at times the boons even extended to their squad. 

The research and experimentation funded by GRAIL even found ways to upgrade the Artifacts to Legendary quality, improving their mysterious effects and making them, well, a bit more legendary. GE-0 can upgrade Artifacts at the cost of Hawks and Wonderium.

GRAIL might not know exactly what Artifacts are (they wouldn’t have hired a bunch of Renegades to go around looting them otherwise), but they do know what they do and where exactly on X-Isle you can get them—and it’s all compiled in this guide!


Renegades can find their Artifact collection in their Quarters, and equip up to three in their loadout to gain an advantage on hunts. An Artifact extracted once is an Artifact to keep, and won’t be lost if a Renegade fails to return to the Riftwake in one piece!

There are three kinds of Artifacts to loot: Utility, Hunt, and Survival. Artifacts are available in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Quality. Upgrading an Artifact all the way to Legendary retains its initial qualities while gaining new and/or improved ones too. In this guide, we’ll look at the properties of several Artifacts in their Common and Legendary Qualities. Play for yourself to upgrade your Artifacts and find new ones to see what power lies in store!

Utility Artifacts are perfect for improved maneuverability and discoverability on the island. Some also unlock disguises and status effects for combat trickery.

Nimble Newt

  • Common Quality: Increases sprint speed while also reducing stamina cost.
  • Legendary Quality: increases your maximum stamina while unarmed.



BloodeBloodied Bladed Blade

  • Common Quality: For a sacrifice of health, reset a Gear’s cooldown after attempting to activate it in quick succession.
  • Legendary Quality: Resets the cooldown of both Gears when you attempt to activate either in quick succession.




  • Common Quality: Become one with X-Isle by disguising yourself as a bush after crouching. Taking damage or performing an offensive action cancels the effect.
  • Legendary Quality: Activate the bush disguise while sliding or when knocked down.




  • Common Quality: Passively reduces Gear cooldowns and recharge time. Performing any offensive action cancels the effect.
  • Legendary Quality: The Solacenser’s effects grow stronger while standing still.



Stormsong Conch

  • Common Quality: Gain multiple Buffs when you enter combat (by dealing or taking damage). The cooldown resets every time you enter combat. 
  • Legendary Quality: Applies Buffs to nearby allies.

Hunt Artifacts grant abilities that allow you to track and take out enemies more efficiently, and can net you extra benefits from eliminations.

Soul Siphon

  • Common Quality: Eliminate enemies to siphon and heal up a percentage of their maximum health, extra restoration points if eliminated with a finisher. 
  • Legendary Quality: Fully restore and boost your maximum health when eliminating an enemy with a finisher.



Omni Repeater 

  • Common Quality: Automatically reload or cool down your weapon when nearly empty or overheated (Cooldowns apply). 
  • Legendary Quality: Reload your firearm regardless of Artifact cooldown after eliminating or knocking down an enemy.




  • Common Quality: Increases your melee damage per charge, bonus charges for each empty weapon slot you have.
  • Legendary Quality: Bonus damage against Disciples and knock-downed Renegades.




  • Common Quality: Charge up an Empowered shot while aiming at your target, dealing increased damage.
  • Legendary Quality: Pulverizer charges faster after an Empowered shot. 



Collar of Scorn

  • Common Quality: Claim a limited amount of trophies from defeated enemies, increasing your maximum health. Renegades drop all collected trophies upon death. 
  • Legendary Quality: Defeated enemies drop additional trophies.



Warden’s Glass 

  • Common Quality: A tracker’s best friend, highlighting the footprints of Renegades that have recently passed through. 
  • Legendary Quality: Temporarily highlights enemies when near their footprint.




  • Common Quality: Temporarily highlights enemies temporarily after hitting them with gunfire.
  • Legendary Quality: Highlight time is doubled if you've hit an enemy's weak points.

Use Survival Artifacts to improve the defenses of you and your squad, and gain extra supplies to restore your health and shield.

Collector Coil 

  • Common Quality: Gain a charge that increases your shield for each Artifact and/or Trinket you’re carrying on a hunt. 
  • Legendary Quality: Each charge also reduces shield recharge time.



Purewater Elixir

  • Common Quality: Restores health over time, with a cooldown triggered after losing health.
  • Legendary Quality: Increases health restoration per second when in water or traveling by hoverboard.



Vessel Flute 

  • Common Quality: Restore the health of nearby down allies over time. If you are downed, you can still revive nearby downed squadmates or revive yourself by crawling to a squadmate still standing. 
  • Legendary Quality: Increases the Artifact’s area of effect.



Elder’s Mask

  • Common Quality: Gain a protective mask with durability points while aiming, restoring mask durability while deactivating. 
  • Legendary Quality: Mask becomes larger and durability restores quicker.



Survival Slab

  • Common Quality: After losing health to ranged damage, a stone barrier appears between you and your attacker.
  • Legendary Quality: The stone barrier becomes bigger and lasts longer.




  • Common Quality: This dodgy Artifact reduces the damage taken while sprinting, sliding, and surfing, converting the blocked damage into Stamina.
  • Legendary Quality: Damage reduction is increased while sprinting at maximum speed.




Most Artifacts can be found from looting Treasuries and raiding Disciple Caravans on X-Isle, with the exception of the Solacenser and Stormsong Conch, which are only obtainable from Treasuries. Renegades also have the chance to collect the Nimble Newt or Collector’s Coil by completing the Tutorial, and the Sprintide Artifact by completing Questline.

Death Grip (Hunt)

  • Common Quality: Reduces the maximum Health of all enemies around you.
  • Legendary Quality: Further decreases the maximum Health of all enemies.

This handy Artifact can be found within Treasuries.

Sacred Beat (Utility)

  • Common Quality: Applies a random temporary buff when any Gear or Artifact cooldown starts. Buff duration cannot be longer than the trigger cooldown.
  • Legendary Quality: When Sacred Beat applies a new buff, it extends the duration of active buffs it has applied.

You’ll find this Artifact in the Treasury. Just follow the beat.

Heartseal Charm (Survival)

  • Common Quality: Gradually restores a percentage of your maximum Shield after losing its full capacity. The faster the shield is drained, the faster it will be restored.
  • Legendary Quality: Heartsteal Charm restores your shield even quicker.

This Artifact is a reward to those who bear with Bjorn’s ramblings and finish the story questline.

Attunement Fife (Utility)

  • Common Quality: For every second you sprint, slide, or surf, the Attunement Fife grants an Accuracy Buff. Applied after you stop sprinting, sliding, or surfing, and with a maximum Buff duration.
  • Legendary Quality: TheArtifact's Buff duration is increased after performing a dodge roll.

You’ll have to rush and skip to the Treasury to find this one.

Chosen’s Token (Survival)

  • Common Quality: Chosen's Token converts a percentage of damage taken by your Shield to healing.
  • Legendary Quality: Conversion percentage is increased if your Health points are lower than Shield points.

This Artifact chooses to appear in the Treasury.

Powerglass (Utility)

  • Common Quality: If both your Exo Gear and Ward Gear are on cooldown or recharge, Powerglass reduces their cooldown/recharge time.
  • Legendary Quality: One Gear may be active (while the other Gear is in cooldown or recharge) to activate this Artifact's ability.

Take the time to complete the Venture 3 Questline to receive this reward.

IMPORTANT: All details are accurate at the time of writing, but are subject to change and expand as we discover more about X-Isle’s mysteries. Play HAWKED to discover all this and more for yourself!