Glyphs Guide: The Keys to The Treasury

Ever thought to skip the Glyphs and try cracking into the Treasury blindly? You’ve got the eye on the goods and the guts to win ‘em, Renegade, but you might want to rethink the strategy for this one. Not only are Glyphs the clues and keys to the ultimate prize, but these powerful symbols grant powers and buffs to whoever carries them.

This guide looks at these little collectibles dotting X-Isle as more than just the symbols of an ancient civilization but as keys to the mysteries across and within the island.


Sealed behind dangerous challenges and puzzles, Glyphs are mystical symbols that are well worth the efforts of unlocking in Encounters, be that fighting off hordes of Disciples, cracking codes, or matching tiles on a puzzle. While gathering five Glyphs will complete the cipher to unlock the Treasury, and the Artifact waiting within for extraction, each Glyph also grants Renegades a unique boon that lasts for the duration of the match!


Coin Glyph

Accrue more CRED.

Heart Glyph

Gain a Revival Relic, allowing you to resurrect at the nearest Revival Shrine even after a squad wipe.

Fire Glyph

Higher quality weapons can be found in chests.

Feather Glyph

You can carry more Grenades, Heal-o-Cola, and ammo of each type.

Flower Glyph

You can revive allies that are knocked down or from the Revival Shrine faster.


Skull Glyph

Increase the damaging distance and damage done to weak spots.

Bird Glyph

You can see the Treasury, revealing its location on your map.

Sun Glyph

Your maximum Shield is increased.

Wave Glyph

Grants the ability to surf onto land for a while without losing speed.

Potion Glyph 

Restore Health over time. The effect is temporarily interrupted after taking damage.

Snake Glyph

 Deal more damage to monsters.

Gatherer Glyph 

Restore your Grenade, Heal-o-Cola, and ammo supplies over time.

Drum Glyph 

Blue Drums boost your Health beyond the maximum.

Eye Glyph

 Highlight the chests, stashes, and Wonderium veins within a radius around you.

Fish Glyph 

Increase your surf, swim, and sprint speed in water to the maximum.

Fruit Glyph 

Gain the effect of the Strange Fruit, periodically generating consumable items.

Shelter Glyph 

Gain the Quickcharge Buff (or restore Health if you are downed) at Extraction Points and Revival Shrines.

Hush Glyph 

Opponent Renegades will not be alerted by their Traverser of your approach, and the aggro radius of monsters is reduced.

Hourglass Glyph 

Gear usage is enhanced. Gear active time is increased while cooldowns and recharge times are reduced.

There are many more Glyphs yet to be discovered through new Issues as Renegades hunt and uncover more of X-Isle’s mysteries.

You can’t control which Glyphs you’ll find locked away across X-Isle, but knowing and adapting to the boons they grant can sharpen a particularly deadly edge along the way to unlocking the Treasury and extracting its Artifact!

IMPORTANT: All details are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change and expand as we discover more about X-Isle’s mysteries. Play HAWKED to discover all this and more for yourself!