Last Chance to Nab the Renegade Pass #1 and Raider Packs!

A lot has happened aboard the Riftwake since X-Isle was discovered, but have you nabbed all the loot so far? Issue #1: Renegades ends May 23, 2024—with the Renegade Pass #1 and Ruby, Amethyst, and Diamond Raider Packs, and all their rewards disappearing along with it—so don’t delay! 

Renegade Pass: Smells like Renegade Spirit!

It’s not too late to start rising up the Renegade ranks. With over 60 rewards to earn, slapping its roof, we can say the Renegade Pass #1 is bursting with 50 Levels of Backpacks, Traversers, Color Schemes, Outfits, GRAIL+, and an entire range of Aztec Spirit Avatar variants!

We’ll let Bodhi tell you the rest.

Raider Packs: Show off your Claws!

Give your hunts that extra edge with Raider Packs. There are three tiers to choose from, each stuffed to the brim with in-game content like currency, consumables, and exclusive cosmetics. With these goodies, you’ll fit right in with the Renegade rabble—see for yourself!

Purchase the Premium track of the Renegade Pass in-game for 150 GE-0 Cash to start looting, and get Raider Packs from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, HAWKED website, and Steam. Make sure to grab ‘em soon before Issue #1 ends on May 23, 2024!