Raider Packs are special bundles stuffed to the brim with in-game content, including currency, consumables, and exclusive cosmetics.
Item Customization
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Weapon Skin
Trophy Hunter
reward preview
Saurian Spoils
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reward preview
Rended Claws
Quarters Customization
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Grave Relic
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Scaly Stash
Renegade Customization
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Outfit ♂
Disciple Hunter
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Outfit ♀
Disciple Huntress
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Color Scheme
Shimmering Scales
Premium Content
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GRAIL + Subscription
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Renegade Pass
What are Raider Packs?

Raider Packs are special bundles stuffed to the brim with in-game content, including currency, consumables, and exclusive cosmetics.

Where can I purchase Raider Packs?

Raider Packs can be purchased via this page, and also directly through supported platform storefronts.

Make sure you log in with the correct platform before purchasing a Raider Pack!

Can I play HAWKED without buying a Raider Pack?

Yes! HAWKED is free to play on all supported platforms.

Can I upgrade my Raider Pack?

You can upgrade your Raider Pack to a higher tier through this page and Steam. You just need to pay the difference between your current Pack and your chosen upgrade.

Upgrades are not available for console players.

How do I receive my items in-game?

Once purchased, your Raider Pack contents will be available in-game after a short time. If you're having trouble purchasing a Raider Pack or receiving your content, contact Support.

What is GE-0 Cash?

GE-0 Cash is an in-game premium currency you can spend in HAWKED on in-game customizations and content. Use your GE-0 Cash to purchase the current Renegade Pass, plus cosmetic items like Outfits, Weapon Patterns, Emotes, and more!

What is GRAIL+, and what are its benefits?

GRAIL+ is an in-game subscription that lets you maximize your looting with a 20% Experience boost, daily perks, one additional Lockbox Slot, one weekly Quest, and two daily Quests while active.

What is a Renegade Pass?

The Renegade Pass is a progression system that lets you earn rewards by playing HAWKED. Tied to Issues, which are seasonal limited-time events, each Renegade Pass has a Free and Premium track and an array of rewards available to earn.

Renegade Passes that come with Raider Packs unlock the Premium track and allow you to unlock even more rewards by playing HAWKED.

Is it possible to get a refund for my Raider Pack?

To request a refund, contact Support. To avoid compatibility issues, please ensure that the platform you purchase the Raider Pack for is the one you play HAWKED on.

top up!


Top up your Renegade coffers with GE-0 Cash, an in-game currency you can spend on the Renegade Pass, cosmetics like Outfits, Weapon Patterns, Emotes, and more.