Psst! Renegades on PlayStation and Xbox, Want Some Loot?

Looking to stand out from the crowd on the ultimate treasure hunt? Play HAWKED with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and get an exclusive, free Plunder Pack bursting with everything you need to take on X-Isle with style! 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Plunder Pack

Deck out your Renegade with the Radioactive Outfit Set, the swift Green Wyvern Hoverboard, and the Noxious Weapon Pattern to keep it deadly on your trail to loot and fortune. Exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

PlayStation Plus Plunder Pack

Embrace the blue before you hit the shore with the Azure Noise Outfit, the surf-skimmer Blueshift Hoverboard, and the Blue Wave Weapon Pattern to dish out the waves of pain. Exclusive to PlayStation®Plus members.

These items are purely cosmetic and do not offer a competitive advantage.