Xbox: Save up to 20% on GE-0 Cash & Shop Items!

If there’s one unifying factor for all Renegades, it’s that they always keep an eye out for anything that shines and save room for more loot. We’ve got an array of discounts and sales until March 26 for HAWKED players on Xbox Series X|S to take on X-Isle with style!


Get more cash in the pouch for your purchase with up to 20% off GE-0 Cash on the Microsoft Store:

  • 720 GE-0 Cash — 10% off!
  • 1,170 GE-0 Cash — 15% off!
  • 2,100 GE-0 Cash — 20% off!


Take your pick of sales on a variety of the latest Renegade cosmetics, now available via the in-game Shop:

  • Gatorfolk Avatar Wade through the wilds of X-Isle and snap up your rivals with this iconic full-body suit.
  • Aztec Hoverboard Set – A set of Hoverboards inspired by Aztec culture, ready to surf the waves to forgotten treasures.
  • Rain Poncho Outfit – Dress for the climate, there aren’t any dehumidifiers on X-Isle.
  • Ribbit Backpack - This Backpack’s got a clever knack for eating whatever it finds. Luckily, it’ll spit out the valuables.
  • Anatolitool Multitool -Keeping an eye out for the bad, this Traverser keeps it good vibes only.

Discounts and sales are available until March 26, so snag ‘em soon!