Egg Hunt: Get Exclusive Cosmetics and Scavenge a Free Souvenir!

Celebrate the coming of Spring and the vibrant colors it brings with limited-time, fresh fashion available in the Shop and a Scavenger Hunt event that’ll send you out into the nature of X-Isle. Join the Egg Hunt through March 31!

Shop Spotlight: Looking Eggcellent

GE-0 has freshened up the Shop with new cosmetics that’ll put a spring in your step and your style. Available until the Shop refreshes on April 1 (really).

  • Flora’s Blessing Traverser – Bring the favor of the Roman goddess of flowers and Spring to the hunt.
  • Spring Basket Backpack – A soft bed of grass for your loot and a bunny to keep it company on its way to extraction.
  • Springtime Locker – It peeps when you’re passing and keeps the colors of your Quarters fresh all year round.
  • Eggstravaganza Weapon Featuring not just any ordinary rabbit. It’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

To visit the Shop and check out the full collection, stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat with GE-0 or access it via the navigation menu.

Egg Hunt: Community Scavenger Hunt

GRAIL sent a photographer to take a few shots of the island, but it… didn’t quite go as planned. Fancy lending a hand, Renegades?

Take screenshots of all 7 locations and objects listed below, then post them to the Scavenger Hunt thread on the HAWKED Discord or post using the hashtag #HAWKEDScavenger on Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, or Threads to enter the Scavenger Hunt.

We’ll reward you with a Nice Egg Souvenir for your troubles, and five lucky Renegades with valid entries will also receive 5 Comic Capsules and 150 GE-0 Cash in a raffle!

Send us screenshots of all 7 locations and objects across X-Isle listed here:

  • A waterfall
  • A deadly trap from the temples
  • A hut by the beach
  • A Shroudbasker
  • A Trinket in its natural environment
  • A plane or a boat crashed on the island
  • The inside of a Treasury (not empty, of course!)

Get shooting, Renegades. Entries are open until March 31, 23:59 CET!