Meet the HAWKED Community Managers!

Which Community Manager’s got a 25 kill streak on Modern Warfare 3? What’s TheogKelly’s hidden talent? Who’s the owner of Kappa, the adorable black Labrador? How many games does Pask have over 10,000 hours in? And what’s Nimue’s nickname for her Recon Raptor?

We sent a Shroudbasker to snoop around Community HQ and gather some intel to help answer these important questions. Turns out, Shroudbaskers can’t write… or at least, this one couldn’t. So, eventually, we just asked them ourselves! Read on to know more about the HAWKED Community Team, where you can find them, and more!

[EN/PL] Van

Not many people know this, but Van’s a true hunter to fear with a 25 NUKE kill streak on Modern Warfare 3, earned with skills learned from Rick Dangerous, Tomb Raider, and Quake. When he’s hung up his gun, he can be found patrolling Twitter/X, Discord, Threads, and Facebook, or plotting out explosive ideas. Don’t be fooled, he’s just as deadly a Renegade and doesn’t need to think ahead on the Loadout to rack up the kills. Maybe it’s all the comics and action figures he keeps in his locker?

Favourite Loadout: Frankly? Anything.

In the world of HAWKED, what’s the first thing you’d do? Grab a beer with the lizards!

[EN] Grayson/OrbitHawked

CM by day, Lone Hunter by night. You might’ve seen Grayson manning Discord on weekends, or patrolling Steam as OrbitHawked. Since getting her first PC at the age of 10, gaming’s been an ever-growing part of her life. Scratch that, actually: multiple lives, with hours upon hours in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and The Sims. It runs in the family, see, since playing Shrek 2: The Game with her Grandma. It was only natural for gaming to enter the full-time life, and for the past six years, she’s been doing everything for gaming communities and earning players’ affection in return—the best CM feeling!

Favorite Hobby (Outside of games): Drawing and collecting coloring books.

Gaming moment that’ll stick with you forever? When I finally completed a helicopter mission in GTA: Vice City after a hundred tries.

[EN] TheogKelly

Originally thinking of becoming a 3D modeler, it was the love for her favorite games and being a part of their communities that stole TheogKelly’s heart and drove her to Community Management. While she spends a little time doing digital painting, watersports, and traveling, 90% of her time is dedicated to video games. Amping up the competition on Arma 2, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, and now HAWKED, she excels at gunning down rivals with her Zed 92 and giving them the occasional Goodfella greeting. She might just skip the treasure to bag another kill.

Favorite Game Genre: FPS and military games.

Favorite Renegade Playstyle? Fighting other Renegades!

[EN/DE] Chibs

With a total of 16 years of industry experience, Chibs started out writing World of Warcraft news articles and guides before joining the MY.GAMES team as a Community Manager in 2016. You might recognize him from other games such as Skyforge, Armored Warfare, and Conqueror’s Blade before he was dispatched to X-Isle, bringing with him his black Labrador, Kappa. His gaming credentials go even further back to the Game Boy, SEGA Mega Drive, Commodore 64, and SNES. A jack-of-all-genres, he plays MMOs, shooters, RPGs, and survival games. Oh, and Knights of Pen & Paper. That’s a big one.

What were your favorite childhood games?
Definitely Pokémon, later Final Fantasy, and Age of Empires.

How would you introduce HAWKED to a friend? A comic-style extraction shooter that’s guaranteed fun with a group of friends who always wanted to be a certain famous archeologist.

[EN/ES] DronnieMG

There’s no shortage of sharp-eyed shooters in the HAWKED team. From finishing fourth place in the European Halo 3 Tournament in 2007 to shooting videos of his adventures on his drones, Dronnie is the Spanish Community Manager with a special ability for video creation. You can also catch him on Discord, Steam, and Instagram. Or perhaps you’ve caught the shooter aficionado off patrol with his Boombox on X-Isle!

Favorite genres: Shooters! First-person, third-person, adventure, multiplayer. I love the immersion of an FPS, but also the change in gameplay when it’s third person. A good mix between story and gameplay is best.

Favorite Loadout:Artifacts: Elder’s Mask, Purewater Elixir, and Stormsong Conch. Gear: Doomerang and Boombox.

[EN] Pask

Leading the charge, managing the day-night patrols of Community Managers, and keeping the bridge solid between developers and players—Pask! Tracing his love for gaming all the way back to the NES he got as a present for his fifth birthday, he’s also got a love for foreign languages and pub quizzes. When it comes to games, he spent his childhood replaying Gorky-17 probably around a hundred times, with some occasional Might and Magic RPGs, Quake, Doom, and Duke Nukem in between. He claims to like all kinds of genres, but then he mentioned his 10,000 hours in Dota 2 and around the same in World of Warcraft and Diablo II, so we’d say he’s got some real favorites.

Favorite Loadout: Boosters: Max Effort, Gunslinger, and Taking Cover. Artifacts: Soul Siphon, Omni Repeater, and Nimble Newt.

In the world of HAWKED, what’s the first thing you’d do? I’D STOCK UP AT THE SHOP!

[EN] KT_Peridot

If you see her on X-Isle holding a Peller SR17… run. Raised on Pokémon, KT_Peridot is our North America CM and a Nintendo kid through and through. It wasn’t until college her gamer friends introduced her to the wider world of games while going back to try out the titles they were nostalgic for. It was the community that got her hooked, watching experienced players helping newbies, dropping their tips and tricks on Discord, or hopping onto voice chats to walk them through the basics. 

Hobbies: Acting and voice acting. Art and painting. Crafts and DIY. I’m a very creative person, so I just like making things. 

The gamer moment that’ll stick with you forever: Imagine, if you will, you’ve just escaped the wrath of Tall Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil: Village. You’ve panicked your way through the mansion and have made it back to the village below which is filled with monsters ready to attack you. However, you’ve picked up a sniper rifle, and every ounce of gamer within you comes together, and you are cracked. You hit back-to-back maybe 10 monsters with one headshot each within seconds. I still, to this day, believe I was possessed by some war god because I had no right being that good.

[EN] Nimue

While she patrols a little bit of everywhere, you’re likely most familiar with Nimue from Instagram, or from the chaotic good vibes she brings to official HAWKED streams on Twitch. A fantasy lover and a sucker for the classics, with titles like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the colorful Barbie games, and the gritty Arkham Series in her roster of childhood favorites. Sometimes she’ll grab a warm drink, and a blanket, and hunker down with something cozy to play. Other times, she’ll turn up the adrenaline with something horror or, of course, a bit of loot and shooting in X-Isle armed with a trusty coffee and her Recon Raptor, Reggie.

Best thing about the CM life: I knew being a woman in gaming was no easy feat – but the support of the community has eased that fear ten-fold. My favorite moments have been spending time with you all on stream; laughing with me as I stumble, or cheering with me when I pull off something incredible. 

In the world of HAWKED, what’s the first thing you’d do? Hang out with Nellie and Princess Clementine! Maybe also close Bodhi’s fridge...that electric bill must be insane.

[EN] Helmsman/ShturmaN

Once upon a time, there was a web designer with a love for games like Dangerous Dave and Ultima Online, and playing his IBM 286. He devoted his time to games in a way only a Web Designer could—making fan sites. They were so good that it was through one of those very sites he was contacted to work in the games industry, eventually leading him to Community Management. He’s a fan of the olden ways, playing medieval MMOs, RPGs, woodworking, and backpacking. It’s no surprise his playstyle is as hushed as the woods. He’s even fine-tuned a HAWKED build to match using the Fringe Fader, Ambusher, and any sniper rifle or SMG found on the way to his favored camping spots.

The gamer moment that’ll stick with you forever: One of my favorites was in Battlefield 2. The map with the hotel (Mashtuur City, I believe). I was playing as a sniper and commander and managed to hide on the hotel roof. Our players lost all flags, but I managed to hold the roof for 5 minutes or more thanks to the artillery, supply drops, and claymores.… I think there was even a chance to win, but when I saw messages like “ban him already, we want to finish the match” in chat, I jumped down shouting “GERONIMO.”

Favorite childhood games:Ultima Online, Civilization, Command & Conquer

Patrolling platforms day and night, answering questions, organizing events, and hopping on to hunt treasures of their own. The Community Management team is a band of gamers arranging fun and giving it all for their community. That is when they’re not dreaming of resting upon the picturesque shores of X-Isle, or skipping over waves on a Hoverboard!

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