Shop Spotlight! Adventure Style

There’s a week of exploration and discovery ahead, and GE-0’s stocked his shop with an all-new Bundle Set, Traverser, Weapon Skins, and Outfit customizations perfect for Renegades planning to delve into the more obscure corners of X-Isle — available from the Shop until March 7!

  • Lost Civilization Bundle Set – Experts believe this was the fashion of choice for the stylish members of an unnamed civilization.
  • Expedition Quasar Weapon Skin – Firepower, absolutely essential for exploring the unknown.
  • Globetrotter Peller SR17 Weapon Skin – Something tells us this scope was packed for more than just sightseeing.
  • Adventurer Traverser – Any legendary archaeologists want to upgrade their whip with the finest new tech?
  • Vacation Headdress & Headwear – A classic look keeping heads cool along sandy beaches and wide-open shores.

To visit the Shop and check out the full collection, stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat with GE-0 or access it via the navigation menu.