Lunar Festival: Enjoy the Festivities through February 11!

Renegades have caused quite the stir on X-Isle, and as they prepare to celebrate the Lunar Festival, the Disciples have ramped up their attacks and raised the heat—explosively. Cynthia has a plan to fight fire with fire, so embrace your inner firebug and get ready to light up X-Isle’s skies in this limited-time event!

Enter the Year of the Dragon with a bang and celebrate the Lunar New Year with a fiery questline, active until February 12 at 09:00 CET.+

Follow through with Cynthia’s plans and collect these scorching rewards:

  • Dragon Shrine Locker – A Locker fit with everything you need to bring the heat to the hunt all year round (be wary of stray sparks).
  • Wood Dragon Souvenir – Keeping a vigilant watch over your belongings, this Souvenir might just spit fire at any would-be loot snatchers.
  • Dragon Lantern Gear (Infernat Lantern) – Adding a flicker of dragon fire to your Infernat Lantern Gear.

Community Streaming Event: Claim the Dragonfire Weapon Pattern!

Join our official HAWKED Twitch streams this Thursday and Friday (February 8 and 9) at 17:00 CET, as Nimue and Kellie take to X-Isle and get up to their usual roguery—but this time, with a twist

Watch and listen closely for hints dropped that will eventually form a unique code. Once you’ve cracked it, use it to redeem the mythical Dragonfire Weapon Pattern via the HAWKED website!

The code is active for you to loot your reward until March 7, so be sure not to miss any clues!

Shop Spotlight: Tip the Scales!

The dragons are out of hiding, delivering a fiery bundle of customizations to this week’s shop rotation, available now until February 15!

  • Dragon Dance Backpack – This fiery guardian always has your back, and a vigilant guard on whatever you pack.
  • Dragon Katana Gear Skin (Veteran’s Blade) – Forged by bladesmiths using the old ways still, the precision of the Dragon Katana’s cut is unmatched.
  • Fuzanglong Traverser – This draconic Traverser has the coils to swing you across X-Isle, and the bite to deal with any dangers along the way.

Stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat to GE-0, or go through the navigation menu to access the In-Game Shop to check out the full collection of this week’s lucky customizations.