Gear Guide: Tactical Support with Exo and Ward Gear

Remember to pack the essentials when you’re heading to X-Isle. From the soaring Recon Raptor to the Shock Rocker’s sick tunes, Gear keeps your playstyle turning with active skills that can change the odds. Find out where to obtain, upgrade, and get the most out of these powerful additions to your Loadout in this guide on Gear!

Exo Gear & Ward Gear: Tactical & Support

Coming in two types, Exo Gear allows you to activate a directional tactical ability, while Ward Gear provides a non-directional support ability. Renegades can equip one of each type of Gear in their Loadout.

Since you can’t take all your Gear on hunts, each has a Trait Tag showing which ones would best compliment your go-to playstyle!

  • Utility – Perfect for improved maneuverability and discoverability across X-Isle. Some also unlock disguises and status effects for combat trickery.
  • Hunt – Often grants abilities that allow you to track and take out enemies more efficiently and can net you extra benefits from eliminations.
  • Survival – Improve your and your squad's defenses and gain extra supplies to restore your health and shield.

How to Get and Upgrade Gear

You’ll find some Gear already in your inventory after completing the Tutorial, with the rest available for purchase with Hawks from GE-0 on the Riftwake’s upper deck. Some Gear, such as the Veteran’s Blade, can be unlocked by progressing your Renegade Pass (Gear featured on the Renegade Pass will be available from GE-0 at a later date).

You can upgrade your Gear from Common to Rare to Legendary quality with Wonderium and Hawks, making their abilities more effective or adding benefits depending on gameplay conditions.

Doomerang (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Throw a Doomerang that bounces, dealing damage per bounce before it returns.
  • Rare - Each bounce off an enemy reduces cooldown if you catch the Doomerang upon its return.
  • Legendary - Damage dealt increases with each bounce.

Infernat Lantern(Exo Gear)

  • Common - Release a hive of Infernats to find and burn enemies.
  • Rare - Release even more Infernats.
  • Legendary - Increases flight speed of Infernats.

Recon Raptor (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Release the Recon Raptor to patrol a selected point, highlighting enemies, traps, chests, and stashes within an area.
  • Rare - Increase the health of your Recon Raptor and keep enemies highlighted after leaving its radius.
  • Legendary – Adds an additional charge and bird that can be summoned simultaneously.

Gelatinum (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Create a gelatin wall that blocks projectiles and slows enemies.
  • Rare - Some Gelatinum segments produce healing fruits when spawned.
  • Legendary - Gelatinum segments become larger, and more segments appear.

Kick-Back Coin (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Toss a coin that hovers, allowing your and your allies' bullets to ricochet off it towards its nearest enemy target. Time your shots for more accurate ricochet.
  • Rare - Increases coin’s toss and ricochet range.
  • Legendary - The first and every third ricocheted bullet splits, attacking two different enemies.

Cohort’s Kite (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Launch a pair of kites to create a proximity-based link with a selected ally. Whoever has the lowest health and shield value restores them to match the ally with the higher values. Restoration is temporarily blocked after taking damage. If no squad-mate is selected when creating the link, a dummy with your identical health/shield values is created.
  • Rare - Increases radius of the link.
  • Legendary - Gradually revives your linked ally if they are downed within the Gear's radius.

Veteran’s Blade (Exo Gear)

  • Common – Dash forward and slice all enemies in your path.
  • Rare - Eliminating or knocking down any enemy using the Veteran's Blade resets its cooldown.
  • Legendary - Add an extra blade swing at the end of a dash.

Flare Gun (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Sends a signal flare to summon a supply crate containing a random selection of grenades, ammo, and consumables.
  • Rare - The first supply drop you summon always contains a shield Mod.
  • Legendary - Supply Crates contain more supplies.

Hit Flask (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Drink from the Hit Flask to restore Health and Stamina per consumption and charge.
  • Rare - Hit Flask has additional charges.
  • Legendary – Consume the Hit Flask faster.

Familiar’s Boon (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Summons a Familiar drone that grants you and your allies an Overcharge buff within its radius.
  • Rare - Increases drone Health and radius.
  • Legendary – When your shields are at full capacity, this Gear will further boost your shields while you’re in its radius.

Boombox (Ward Gear)

  • Common – Grants temporary Haste and Handling Buffs.
  • Rare - Increases ability duration until you deal any damage.
  • Legendary – Eliminating or knocking down an enemy extends the ability's duration.

Shock Rocker (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Deal damage to all enemies within range for a few seconds. Damage decreases the further away enemies are from you.
  • Rare - Reduces the damage dropoff within the radius.
  • Legendary – A percentage of damage dealt by Shock Rocker to enemy shields is converted to your shield.

Fringe Fader (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Become invisible. Invisibility is briefly interrupted by combat actions, sprinting, and rolling.
  • Rare - Decreases cooldown timer.
  • Legendary – Increases ability duration until invisibility is interrupted. 

Echo-Pulsar (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Emit a scanning wave highlighting enemies, traps, chests, and stashes.
  • Rare - Increases scanning wave area.
  • Legendary – Every enemy or loot source highlighted by Echo-Pulser decreases its cooldown. 

Huntclaw (Exo Gear)

  • Common - Aim and let Huntclaw pull yourself to an ally or foe within range. Hold to pull the target towards yourself. If the target cannot be pulled, it will be stunned briefly.
  • Rare - If Huntclaw targets a downed ally, you revive them faster.
  • Legendary - Huntclaw cooldown is reduced If you pull yourself to a target.

Snap-Track (Ward Gear)

  • Common - Take a selfie to mark an anchor point. After a while, you will be teleported back to this anchor point. Alternatively, use the Snap-Track again to return to the anchor point at will.
  • Rare - When teleported back to an anchor point, restore an amount of Shield, Health, and Stamina lost since the anchor point was set.
  • Legendary - Restoration of Shield, Health, and Stamina after teleporting back is increased.


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IMPORTANT: All details are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change and expand as we discover more about X-Isle’s mysteries. Play HAWKED to discover all this and more for yourself!