Shop Spotlight! It’s Beach Time

This week’s Shop Spotlight is taking a trip to the shoreline. Pack a lunch, brush up your outfits with new colors, and complete that DIY project with all those washed-up shells with this week’s beachy customizations available via the shop until February 8!

Marine Life Gun, Geometry

Customize your Zed 92 with this geometric pattern to shoot from sea shells by the seashore.

Hawaii Chillout Bundle Set

This Bundle Set includes the Summer Diver Body and Legwear, and the Hawaii Chillout Headwear. All you need to take a moment by the sea and soak up the sun.

Hawaii Chillout Backpack

It’s turtles all the way down, but never too down with this Backpack dedicated to everyone’s favorite friend from the sea.

Blue Hawaii Color Schemes

Brush up your outfits with ocean waves and sandy pastels with a new selection of three unique Color Schemes: Blue Hawaii, Blue Hawaii Cool, and Blue Hawaii Silver.

To visit the Shop and check out the full collection, stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat with GE-0 or access it via the navigation menu. We’ll see you on shore!