Shop Spotlight! Get in the Zeybek Groove

Looking for some new styles to get into the Renegade groove? Check out the new Hoverboard, Emote, Traverser, Locker, and Color Scheme inspired by Turkic culture, now available for purchase from the Shop until February 5!

Zeybek Glide

Weave through X-Isle on this Hoverboard, reminiscent of traditional Kilims.

Zeybek Dance

Dance like an eagle with this iconic Emote.


Keeping an eye out for the bad, it’s good vibes only with this Traverser!

Woodaegean Locker

This Locker is so sturdy it could contain the power of the Aegean, so your treasures will be just fine here.

Chroma Zeybek

Add a stroke of Zeybek to your Outfits.

If you want to visit the Shop, stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat with GE-0 or access it via the navigation menu. Check out these new cosmetics and get in the Zeybek groove!