Content Creator Program

Calling all content-creating Renegades! Join the MY.GAMES Content Creator Programand create partnered content for the high-octane extraction shooter HAWKED with support and incentives from MY.GAMES.

By partnering up through the Content Creator Program, you’ll have access to a slew of benefits to boost your community engagement and give your viewers a little extra to look forward to.

Fill out the application to start your journey as a HAWKED Content Creator.


As a member of the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program, your benefits include:

  • Exclusive Events: Get access to exclusive events like Twitch Drops, special previews of upcoming content, and developer Q&As.
  • Giveaways: Nothing brings Renegades together like free loot. Creators are provided with codes for exclusive items they can use in community giveaways (find more info here).
  • Connect with the Team: Partnering with MY.GAMES means having a deeper insight into HAWKED and having access to resources for organizing community events. You’ll be the one-stop shop for all things HAWKED.
  • Join our Creator Network: Become part of a larger group of Renegades in our rapidly growing content creation community.

Creators can also receive limited edition in-game items to let allies and rivals know they’re content creators with a passion for entertaining their audience.

MY.GAMES is also working towards introducing Revenue Sharing for creators on select games, including HAWKED. Stay tuned for more information!

Eligibility Requirements

You can find the complete list of eligibility requirements here, but for your convenience, check out a short overview of the requirements below:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All your media and social media channels must follow their respective platforms’ terms of service.
  • The content you produce must be of a high quality and be about gaming.
  • You must agree to follow the Content Creator Program guidelines.
  • Your channel must meet the viewership requirements.

*Eligibility requirements are subject to change.


What is the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program?

Being a part of the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program means you are a partnered content creator for HAWKED and you receive a number of exclusive perks to improve viewership and boost engagement with your viewers.

What are the benefits of the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program?

The benefits of being a partnered HAWKED and MY.GAMES Content Creator include:

  • Get exclusive in-game content
  • Join Creator-only events
  • Get codes to host giveaways
  • Enjoy early previews of upcoming content
  • Resources shared for organizing promotional events
  • Being a part of the MY.GAMES Content Creator network

We’re always adding more to Content Creators partnered with MY.GAMES and HAWKED. Keep an eye on your inboxes for other benefits!

Why create HAWKED content?

HAWKED is an extraction shooter, which, by nature, means it’s a very community-oriented game. It not only requires interaction with other players in the moment-to-moment gameplay but also outside of the game itself.

HAWKED can help Content Creators and streamers to:

  • Improve community interaction and viewer engagement
  • Stream high-octane gameplay
  • Create new types of content thanks to frequent game updates

On top of all that, the slew of benefits available to MY.GAMES Content Creators helps them to cultivate and grow a thriving gaming community.

What kind of HAWKED content should you create?

There are tons of content possibilities Creators can come up with in HAWKED::

  • Gameplay videos
  • Highlights
  • Weapon, equipment, and Gear reviews
  • Update sneak peeks
  • Loadout spotlights
  • And so much more!               

HAWKED Content Creators are always urged to go all-out and put out unique content that’s packed to the brim with their personal flair.

How does the selection process for the HAWKED Content Creator Program work?

After you submit an application to become an official partner of HAWKED, the team will review your channel (Twitch, YouTube, etc.) to see if it’s eligible. You can check out the eligibility criteria here.

How long does the review process take?

It depends on the volume of applications we are currently processing. We strive to respond to applications within 15 business days but there may be times when it takes longer.

I was accepted into the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program. What’s next?

Congratulations! Now, simply follow the instructions in the approval email that you received and you’ll be on your way to becoming a HAWKED partnered content creator!

If my application wasn’t approved, can I apply again?

You can absolutely apply for the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program once more even if your initial application wasn’t approved.