Celebrity, Legend, Renegade: Meet Tabytha Rasa

VEKTR has demonstrated just how compromised GRAIL’s ranks are. To deal with the traitors and spies, the higher-ups have called in a legendary Renegade: Tabytha Rasa, the Fearless Blade.

Tabytha’s orders are very clear: hunt down and put a stop to the infiltration of GRAIL by VEKTR. Renegades must help her snuff out the traitors and moles in hiding, uncover the secrets of VEKTR, and put a stop to their operations on X-Isle.

About Tabytha Rasa, the Fearless Blade

Tabytha Rasa is what every Renegade strives to become. A former child prodigy hailing from Morocco, she started hunting for treasure in her teen years. Naturally, when she grew older and joined the ranks of GRAIL, she immediately became a legend among Renegades. She was a cunning warrior, a resourceful treasure hunter, and a master with the blade.

Respect for Tabytha goes beyond her treasure-hunting skills, as she also has countless exciting stories to tell of her adventures. Her escapades became so popular that they spawned a line of comic books and even an animated TV series called “Tabytha, the Teenage Treasure Hunter”, which charted her adventures alongside her raccoon sidekick.

After Bodhi Hogan’s betrayal, GRAIL needed an operative to clean up the leaks, find the moles, and take care of any other traitors hiding in the organization. Tabytha Rasa was called in by the top brass to make heads or tails of this situation on Riftwake.

Missions and Quests

Once Tabytha shows up on Riftwake, she’ll begin to look for traitors and leaks in GRAIL. You can help her by starting the Tabytha on the Hunt questline, Act 1 of her daring mission to take down Bodhi and VEKTR.

Talk to Tabytha aboard the Riftwake. She’ll be occupying Bodhi’s old room after having thrown out all his stuff. This apparently struck a nerve with the traitor and is part of Tabytha’s plan to get him to come out of hiding. Maybe you can use this to uncover more information on how Bodhi has recruited Renegades to his cause.