Grab your Renegade Pass and Earn Rewards in Open Beta!

Play the HAWKED Open Beta and claim exclusive in-game rewards with the free Renegade Pass #0, available in-game from August 3–17. Play to progress and flex your passion for fashion by unlocking 20 tiers of stylish weapon patterns, gear, and full-on Outfits!


Whether you’re new to the party or a seasoned reveler, there’s a style for everyone with up to 20 rewards up for grabs!

Hit the dance floor with:

  • Party Disco (Hoverboard): Ride out on the LED tile floor style ‘70s dreams were made of. 
  • Party Pack (Backpack): Take the party where the loot is with this backpack appearance (complete with portable disco ball).
  • Queen Maxine (Color Scheme): The color scheme that works with everything. It’s iconic. It’s timeless. It’s pink.

If that’s you in the corner, we’ve got you covered:

  • Shadow (Renegade Outfit): Bring alternative techno beat to the island.
  • Schematic (Weapon Pattern): Dark and dazzling, the party planner’s weapon pattern of choice.
  • Ninja Classic (Renegade Outfit): Roll up late or roll up early, they’ll never see you coming!
  • Chess Night (Color Scheme): Paints it black. Seriously, this color scheme paints it all black.

For those who would rather take to the skies:

  • Airwoman (Renegade Outfit): When the party’s up in the air, you’ll find the Airwoman there.
  • Constellations (Backpack): Take the night sky with you wherever you go with this star-dazzled backpack.
  • Party Star (Hoverboard): Light up the sky as you zoom by with this snazzy design.
  • Motherboard (Weapon Pattern): Eclipse the arena with this dark night wash weapon paint.

If you’re just here for the loot, cut right to the chase:

  • John Akos (Color Scheme): Stand out from the crowd with a flash of green and a dash of contrast.
  • Tinkerer (Traverser): Give your gear that extra edge.
  • Dirty Graffiti (Weapon Pattern): A weapon pattern that says what it does on the tin. Cornered by a Disciple? Boom! Found whoever stole the loot? Boom! Teammate needs covering? … Boom!

The Renegade Pass #0 is available in-game from August 3 all throughout the Open Beta until August 17, and once the rewards are yours, they’re yours to keep!

Stay tuned for new exclusive customizations with every seasonal update. New Issue = New Looks!