Loot in Style with 3 All-New Starter Packs!

Three all-new Starter Packs are available in Issue #2: Dark Arrival. They’re not needed to start your adventure, but they’ll help you find your Renegade style!

  • Available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam, Epic Games Store, and the official HAWKED website, they’re packed with exclusive in-game items you can flaunt as you loot and fight through X-Isle.

Renegade Rave

Get the party started with the Renegade Rave starter pack and take X-Isle by storm:

  • Decked Out Hoverboard
  • Plugged In Traverser
  • GRAIL+ Subscription (30 Days)

GRAIL+ lets you maximize your looting with a 20% Experience boost, daily perks, one additional Lockbox Slot, one weekly Quest, and two daily Quests while active!


Trust the science. According to research conducted by the GRAIL science team, this gear is scientifically proven to make you at least 3.7 times cooler (we don’t get it either):

  • Paradigm Shift Outfit ♀ (contains Headwear, Chest, and Legs)
  • Supergravity Hoverboard

Jungle Jaunts

Looting is as much about exploration as it is about the loot. So explore the dense jungles of X-Isle and look the part too, with these cosmetics:

• Rainforest Outfit ♂ (contains Headwear, Chest and Legs)

• Adventurer Traverser

Outfits, Hoverboards, and Traversers are cosmetic and do not grant a competitive advantage.

All cosmetics are available to purchase on PS, XBOX, Steam, Epic Game Store, or the HAWKED official website.