Bjorn’s Doomsday Beach Bash: Ragna-ROCK New Quests & Rewards!

The end is nigh! The Riftwake’s resident mad scientist Dr. Bjorn Bjornsson is plagued by apocalyptic visions, but he's determined to go out with a splash.

You’re cordially invited to Bjorn’s Doomsday Beach Bash, a limited-time event featuring doom-tinged summer Quests, exclusive rewards, and beachwear available from the Shop! Party like it’s the end of the world until June 27.

Doomsday Quests & Sweet Summer Rewards

Follow a simple checklist of limited-time Quests to turn the end of all things into the perfect party.

  • Surf’s up, Renegades. What kind of a beach party doesn’t have surfing?
  • Find his favorite rubber ducky. He hasn’t been able to take a proper bath without it.
  • Spruce the place up. X-Isle is full of all kinds of colorful and crazy trinkets that are sure to liven up any shindig.

Bjorn has exclusive rewards for Renegades who are willing to help him with party planning.

  • Super Shot Weapon Pattern: It may look like a toy, but we highly recommend not aiming it at your fellow Renegades as it doesn’tshoot foam pellets.
  • Water Blaster Weapon Skin (Mazzikin): Brace for wet and wild treasure hunts.
  • Goldie Aquarium Souvenir: Just remember to feed it.

They’re limited edition, so make sure to grab them before they’re gone… Well, before everything is gone for that matter.

Apocalyptic Sales: Shop ‘Til The World Stops

In light of the coming end, Bjorn has asked GE-0 to have one last liquidation sale before we all meet our demise. He had to do a lot of convincing because GE-0 doesn’t share the same apocalyptic visions (neither do any of us, but we don’t want to rain on Bjorn’s parade).

  • Captain Quack Outfit ♂: Strike fear into the eyes of your rivals and let them bask in the glorious visage of your ducklike deftness.
  • Flamingo Float Hoverboard: No flamingos were harmed in the making of this float.
  • Summer Skipper Outfit ♀: When the summer heat bakes X-Isle, everyone forgets that the Riftwake has a dress code.

Even more summer styles are available in the Shop, including the Wavy Weapon Pattern, Hawaii Chillout Backpack, Vacation Hat, Blue Hawaii Silver Color Scheme, and Marine Life Weapon Skin!

Celebrate as the Riftwake sinks until June 27!