Get Free Loot with the Plunder Pack #2 from PS Plus!

Renegades on PS5 and PS4 are in for a sweet surprise with the new Plunder Pack #2 that PlayStation®Plus members can, well, plunder for free!

Redeem this exclusive PlayStation®Plus bundle via the PlayStation Store to hunt for treasure in style.

Plunder Pack #2 contains:

  • Sky Blue Outfit ♀ (Headwear, Chestpiece, Legwear): What better way to flaunt your style than with a bright, sky-blue outfit that matches the pearlescent waters of X-Isle.
  • Lost Runes Weapon Pattern: Though GRAIL couldn’t decipher these runes, the armament team decided they’d look really slick on a new weapon pattern and here we are.
  • Halcyon Blue Hoverboard: Surf into the fight in style on the Halcyon Blue Hoverboard

Download HAWKED right now for free on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4, and redeem your free Plunder Pack #2 with PlayStation®Plus.