Bounty: Hunt VEKTR for Exclusive Rewards (June 7–14)

[Incoming Transmission: NELLIE RUFFIN] “Thanks Renegades, you really showed those tin can tyrants who's in charge 'round these parts! Now if Bjorn can pull himself together, we might come out of this in one piece.”

[Incoming Transmission: NELLIE RUFFIN] “Bodhi’s new friends really did a number on us! Our systems are completely frazzled and our engineers can’t work with those bucketheads firing all sorts of sci-fi nonsense our way. Think you can hold VEKTR off ‘til we get our house in order?”

A Bounty has been issued! Play HAWKED and work together with Renegades worldwide to accomplish your objective in pursuit of an amazing community reward every week.

Log in and play at least one match from June 7–14 to nab the Maze Weapon Pattern, a design inspired by the sinister cyberscapes of GRAIL’s newest and most deadly adversary (exclusive to Bounties).

The top performing Renegade and one random Renegade will also receive a special Golden Bounty: $75 store credit on their platform of choice (including Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store).*

  • Objective (Easy Difficulty): Destroy 500,000 VEKTR Soldiers
  • Bounty (All Renegades): Maze Weapon Pattern
  • Golden Bounty (1 Top Performing Renegade): $75 Store Credit (Steam, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Store)
  • Golden Bounty (1 Random Renegade): $75 Store Credit (Steam, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Store)
  • Time Limit: June 7 16:00 CEST – June 14 16:00 CEST
  • Status: SUCCESS

If you’re successful, the community Bounty will be paid by GRAIL within 48 hours of completion.

Make it count, Renegades!

*The Terms & Conditions for this Bounty can be found here.

What are Bounties?

Bounties are a new weekly challenge system in HAWKED. Keep an eye on the official website and social channels to take on the latest Bounty, then play HAWKED, work together as a community, and smash the objective within the time limit to get an exclusive reward.

If the objective is reached, Bounties will be awarded to all Renegades who logged in and played at least one match in HAWKED during the Bounty period.

Bounties vary by difficulty. While one Bounty might be a breeze, certain Bounties need an extra push to nail the objective.

Special Golden Bounties, including physical and real-world prizes, may also be awarded to top bounty hunters and random Renegades, so check back often for opportunities to win big prizes.