HAWKED | 2.0.1 Hotfix Notes

Look alive, Renegades! The following changes are available in HAWKED as of the latest hotfix on Thursday, June 6, 2024. Update your game to play the latest version of HAWKED for free on your platform of choice.



  • Homeward Horn
    • Legendary: Now increases stamina recovery by 20% while in your Backpack.
  • VEKTR Power Unit
    • Legendary: Description updated.


  • Bodhi (VEKTR): Reduced the damage of Bodhi’s eye laser from 130 to 90.              


  • Rebalanced Upgrade Station prices across X-Isle.
    • Rare weapons and upgrades: +50 CRED
    • Epic weapons and upgrades: +100 CRED


  • [Ward Gear] Flare Gun
    • Rare: This Gear will drop an Uncommon Shield Mod first. Rare and Epic Shield Mods may be dropped throughout matches depending on their duration.
    • Now drops a new Shield Mod even if it was already dropped in previous loot drops. New Shield Mods may be a higher quality depending on the match’s duration.
    • Big-Eyed Kebab drop chances reduced.
    • Health-up Cocktail drop chances increased.


  • Restored Experience gained from traps.
  • Fixed brush stroke animation that shows in the deathcam.



  • [Ward Master Booster] Now works correctly with the Echo-Pulser Ward Gear (Legendary).


  • Fixed incorrect line of sight calculations when Hotstepper shells explode.             
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual effects to display incorrectly for Empowered shots.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Outrider’s trail not appearing correctly when firing in ADS (aiming-down-sights).


  • Fixed a bug that caused Treasure Hunt (Squads) Encounters to spawn as the Lone Hunter (Solo) version.


  • [VEKTR] Fixed a bug that caused Bodhi to appear only rarely in Treasure Hunt (Squads). 


  • [Ward Gear] Loaded D20: Fixed a bug where, if you have a non-default Gear Skin applied to the Fringe Fader, the same Gear Skin would appear on the Loaded D20 on a Renegade’s belt.
  • [Ward Gear] Loaded D20: Fruit will no longer spawn if you trigger the Fruit Glyph while aboard the Riftwake.               


  • Fixed gun-aiming animations for Renegades on the Low graphics preset.
  • Fixed an issue where invisibility was not working correctly with certain graphical assets.


  • Fixed a bug that caused VEKTR Outposts not to work in Lone Hunter (Solo).
  • Improved collisions with certain environment objects.


  • Certain animations in the Shop have been updated.
  • The chest size of the Berber Corsair Outfit changes correctly with the Renegade.
  • Fixed an issue where Color Schemes would not appear on other Renegades in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the display of bow-shaped Traversers in the Shop.


  • Fixed a bug that caused mode selection to constantly change if you initiated the change via a pop-up window.               

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