Trinket Trial Results! (Community Challenge May 2024)

Exactly one month ago, GRAIL sent an order to the Riftwake requesting 1,000,000 Trinkets. It was up to you to collect them.

Was it out of pure hunger for loot or the promise of reward? Banding together, Renegades set out to complete the Trinket Trials. Not an easy thing to do while there’s an invasion going on, but still together you reached over 80% of the goal!

GRAIL’s not one to ignore an honest effort, and we’ll be sending out rewards as promised. Every Renegade that extracted a Trinket during the Challenge will receive the crackling Fireworks Weapon Pattern, and the Top 500 Trinket Hunters also receive 10x Comic Capsules!

Finally, there’s the grand prize of 430 GE-0 Cash and the Renegade Pass #2 (or 150 GE-0 Cash if already owned) for those who truly put their Backpacks into it – behold the Top 10 Trinket Hunters!

Thus ends the first HAWKED Community Challenge. While it didn’t quite go as we’d planned, we’ll be reassessing and changing to a new challenge system set to launch in the near future. It will require less of a heavy commitment from you, more rewards more often, and even more fun with each challenge!

Congratulations, Renegades. Loot well and keep an eye on this space for the next Community Challenge!