HAWKED | Hotfix Notes

Look alive, Renegades! The following changes are available in HAWKED as of the latest hotfix on Thursday, May 30, 2024. Update your game to play the latest version of HAWKED for free on your platform of choice.



  • DELTA Takedown is now available in Lone Hunter mode. VEKTR shows no sign of relenting. You’ll just have to hit back even harder, Renegades!


  • Flow for completing the Quest from which you can obtain free GRAIL+  as a reward has been improved.
  • More convenient and easier ways to access the Shop have been added across the Riftwake.



  • Fixed a bug when a knocked-down Renegade could continue to restore Health if a rival Renegade began a Finisher. This previously also led to the prevention of death upon completion of the Finisher.


  • [Mysterious Wells] Fixed a bug that caused issues completing the Encounter if multiple Renegades shot at both columns simultaneously.
  • [Laser Reflector] Fixed bug that caused reflectors not to rotate.


  • [VEKTR] Fixed a bug where DELTA units didn't spawn properly across X-Isle.

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