Issue #2: Channel Legendary Renegade Power with 11 Class Cards!

They say never meet your heroes, but the legendary Renegades on the Class Cards deserve a spotlight.

Renegades hunt for treasure using the methods that best suit their talents and skill sets. However, GRAIL has always urged them to try new methods, loadouts, and playstyles. You never know what new talents you’ll uncover simply by equipping Gear or Artifacts you’ve never tried before.

Class Cards and What They Do

The Class Cards are a great starting point for Renegades interested in experimenting with new builds. There are thousands of possible builds in HAWKED, and knowing which Artifacts and Gear to equip can be difficult, especially for indecisive Renegades.

11 Class Cards in Issue #2: Dark Arrival come with preset Gear and Artifact loadouts, fine-tuned for different playstyles. Renegades can collect them, upgrade them for rewards, and find a new piece of equipment they might continue using in their own standard loadouts.

There’s a handy guide that covers everything you’ll need to know about collecting and using Class Cards. But this time, let’s take a journey of discovery into the 11 base Class Cards (more will be available in the future).

Without further ado, let’s meet the iconic treasure hunters you’ll be collecting. All Class Cards are based on legendary Renegades from GRAIL history, and they each offer unique buffs and effects that can significantly change the way you play. Collect them all and see which class cards suit your playstyle!

Diego Da Luz - The Rising Star

Though he’s still got a lot to learn, Diego Da Luz has already made a name for himself on X-Isle and is expected to have a very bright future as a treasure hunter (unless a trap gets the better of him, in which case: you had a good run, Diego).

Diego Da Luz is a great Class Card for Renegades who still haven’t decided what specialty to pursue. He’s got it all; a Jack of All Trades, if you will. With a slew of buffs and bonuses, Diego is perfect for Renegades who are a little new to the business of treasure hunting.

  • Recommended for Renegades who are looking for a well-rounded class.
  • Base Effect: Learning the ropes and lootin' vaults. - Bonus health and shields from artifacts, as well as damage and healing buffs.
  • Unlock Requirements: Infernat Lantern, Hit Flask, Nimble Newt, Collector Coil, and Collar of Scorn.

El Toro Loco - The Hardened Guardian

Don’t let his aggressive appearance and nickname fool you; El Toro Loco is known for being a formidable line of defense who can take a mean punch.

Running an El Toro Loco means you can rest easy knowing that your shields recharge much faster than your enemies’. This means you can recover quicker during fights and get back into the action ASAP.

  • Recommended for players who usually take a lot of damage and want to sustain more of it.
  • Base Effect: Hold the line for all time - Shield recharges faster while your Exo Gear is active.
  • Unlock Requirements: Blockade Ram, Familiar's Boon, Scallop Shield, Collector Coil, and Chosen's Token.

Tex Roll'em - The Lucky Gambler

The odds never seem to be stacked against Tex Roll’em, the Renegade in love with the unpredictability of treasure hunting.

For players yearning for some extra unpredictability during their treasure hunts, Tex Roll'em is the Class Card you should pick up. With the buff on random effects, you never know: this ability may win you the game or make it just a little harder.

  • Recommended for more experienced players who don’t mind taking risks with the RNG.
  • Base Effect: Always best to keep a few tricks up your sleeve - Random effects last longer.
  • Unlock Requirements: Doomerang, Loaded D20, Boonie, Stormsong Conch, and Sacred Beat.

Eclipsa - The High Grounder

It’s over, Renegades; Eclipsa has the high ground. Let’s just say: her sight is the last place you’ll want your face to be visible in.

A true marksman always knows where to shoot. If you fancy yourself a sharpshooter, then definitely consider unlocking the Eclipsa Class Card. She deals extra damage from Empowered shots when hitting a weak spot.

  • Recommended for experienced players with good enough aim to consistently hit weak points.
  • Base Effect: Aim from on-high, damage will multiply - Bonus damage for an Empowered shot is increased when hitting weak spots.
  • Unlock Requirements: Recon Raptor, Fringe Fader, Apex Prize, Pulverizer, and Elder's Mask.

Pietro Pop-Off - The Locked N' Loaded

No such thing as ‘too many bullets’ for Pietro Pop-Off. Teammates of his have reported, that it took a few days for the ringing in their ears to go away.

Running ammo restoring Gear and Artifacts comes with an extra reward for anyone who unlocks Pietro Pop-Off. Any ammo that is generated and not picked up off the ground will do extra damage.

  • Recommended for Renegades that prefer weapons with large magazines and hate having to scavenge for bullets on X-Isle.
  • Base Effect: Become an everlasting lead-slinger - Weapon shots deal extra damage if ammo is restored by Gear or Artifacts.
  • Unlock Requirements: Kick-back Coin, Bang-O-Matic, Ballistic Bag, Omni Repeater, and Attunement Fife.

Tina Colada - The Worry-Free Foodie

Food blogger-turned-treasure hunter, Tina Colada always finds time in-between fights to sample the local cuisine (which on X-Isle is usually some strange fruit).

When you’re stuck in a pickle and have very little health, Tina Colada’s additional food item with every supply drop could be a lifesaver. So even if you didn’t manage to find the right items on the map, you’ll never go hungry with her unique base effect.

  • Recommended for those who regularly use the Flare Gun for supply drops.
  • Base Effect: Snacks at the ready, life of the party - Supply drops deployed by the Flare Gun always contain an extra food item.
  • Unlock Requirements: Gelatinum, Flare Gun, Purewater Elixir, Solacenser, and Shellblazer.

Major Allswell - The Ride-or-Die

According to Major Allswell, winning a firefight is all about being a team player and having a positive attitude. Teammates have reported that he’s an all-around swell person.

Everyone knows that tense feeling of having a downed teammate and not wanting to risk a revive. That’s where Major Allswell swoops in with his faster revives, which means they’re a lot less risky.

  • Recommended for Renegades who take on support roles and are often the ones to go for revives as opposed to kills.
  • Base Effect: True Renegades always have your six. Faster revives.
  • Unlock Requirements: Cohort's Kite, Familiar's Boon, Vessel Flute, Survival Slab, and Soul Siphon.

Seoul Striker - The Mad Dash Dynamo

If you get hit by something on X-Isle and have no idea what it was, chances are it was the Seoul Striker and her amazing ability to hit rivals with pretty much anything on hand. Annoying, but admirable.

Seoul Striker’s uncanny ability to pop off non-stop, successive attacks from all angles makes her a force to be reckoned with. Once she catches up to you, it’s really hard to shake her off.

  • Recommended for players looking for more utility from their loadouts, especially with Gear that deals damage.
  • Base Effect: Violence and speed. Just add momentum - Whenever your Gear inflicts damage active Buff duration is extended.
  • Unlock Requirements: Doomerang, Boombox, Sprintide, Stormsong Conch, and Omni Repeater.

The Bush Masta' - The Killer Guerrilla

We don’t really have much to say about The Bush Masta’ because we couldn’t find them. But do let us know if you spot a suspiciously well-armed bush.

Use X-Isle’s flora to your advantage. Playing stealthily is hard enough as it is, but with the Bush Masta’ Class Card, Renegades have the benefit of dealing extra damage when concealed. Just make sure there’s not another treasure hunter in the bush you’re jumping into.

  • Recommended for stealthy Renegades who like to use environmental cover to their advantage.
  • Base Effect: Sneak and shoot from parts unknown - Ranged damage while disguised is increased.
  • Unlock Requirements: Kick-back Coin, Fringe Fader, Hellioscope, Pulverizer, and Ambusher.

Rowan Rocksteady - The Non-Stop Shredder

To Rowan Rocksteady, his primary weapon is his Shock Rocker and the real treasure he’s hunting for is the perfection of his art. Money and treasure too, but mostly art.

Don’t let a pesky cooldown timer get in the way of your love for shredding on the Shock Rocker. Rowan Rocksteady is the Class Card you need to play music endlessly to your heart’s content.

  • Recommended for those who strongly believe in the power of music.
  • Base Effect: Shred 'til yer dead! - Play the Shock Rocker endlessly with a reduced speed penalty.
  • Unlock Requirements: Huntclaw, Shock Rocker, Death Grip, Heartseal Charm, and Chosen's Token.

Agent Kappa - The Mass Effector

Agent Kappa is one of the few VEKTR agents we’ve been able to communicate with. We don’t really understand what Kappa says, but we’re sure it’s never anything nice.

The Agent Kappa Class Card build is great for those with a loadout that relies on AOE (area of effect) abilities.

  • Recommended for Renegades running Artifacts with AOE Buffs and damage. Offers great utility and can be used in support builds as well.
  • Base Effect: Claim territory with devastating effect - The effective radius of your Gear and Artifacts is increased.
  • Unlock Requirements: Devoider, Shock Rocker, Maelstrom, Death Grip, and Powerglass.