The Red Spring Event is in Blissful Bloom ‘til May 16!

Spring is in the air, and X-Isle’s wildlife has bloomed with activity. Embrace the power of friendship and go for a brisk hunt or two, keep Nellie and Bjorn on track as you help them uncover the Disciple’s rituals for destruction, and collect bouquets of Blissblooms in the Red Spring event – active until May 16 (18:00 CEST)!

Also, swing by the Shop to check out the new Red Spring collection, featuring the ultra-cute, ultra-deadly Kawaii Crusader Avatar!

Crush a Questline to Earn the Burning Love Gear Skin & Vine Visage Mask!

Disciples have dressed for the occasion of their strange, springtide rituals, decorating their totems with the red Blissbloom flowers that have appeared across the island. Just tribal lizards doing tribal lizard things. But there’s more to their floral rituals than meets the eye, as Nellie and Bjorn have returned from their recon trip in rather strange spirits.

Speak with Nellie to embark on the Red Spring Questline and earn the Burning Love Gear Skin. You can also extract the Vine Visage Mask by defeating Disciples across X-Isle in the relevant Quest (one Mask counts for all your Squad).

Keep your friends close and embrace the Power of Friendship throughout the event with a buff that restores stamina and health to players who are close to each other!

Blissblooms for Bjorn: Exchange Flowers for Prizes!

There’s something especially intoxicating about the strange, red flowers blanketing X-Isle, and Bjorn’s itching to take a crack at studying its properties. Gather Blissbloom and see if he hasn’t got some lovely rewards to trade for them!

  • Diamond Eyes Banner (100 Blissblooms) – Favored by those who hunt… for good!
  • Cheeky Monkey Banner (100 Blissblooms) – Continue the gab wherever the hunt takes you.
  • Bjorn’s Horn Banner (100 Blissblooms) – Keep on rocking, Renegade!
  • Eternal Rose Souvenir (200 Blissblooms) - A symbol of everlasting love.
  • Amethyst Geode Locker (200 Blissblooms) - Quartz for your Quarters.
  • Heartbeat Weapon Pattern (300 Blissblooms) – Shots fired to the beat.

Red Spring Shop Spotlight!

Roses are red, violets are blue — these cosmetics were handpicked for cute Renegades, but who? Add some spring to your style with new Customizations available at GE-0’s Shop!

  • Kawaii Crusader Avatar (360 GE-0 Cash) – Arise, champions of cute!
  • Cupid's Clout Traverser (150 GE-0 Cash) – Spreading love’s tender slingshots, sword swipes, and pickaxe bashes.
  • Exo Wings Backpack (150 GE-0 Cash) – Wins give you wings.
  • Butterfly Hoverboard (180 GE-0 Cash) – Surf like a Butterfly, sting like a bee.
  • Cozy Cupid Legwear (120 GE-0 Cash) – Dress Code: Renegade Casual.

Stop by the lower deck of the Riftwake and chat to GE-0, or go through the navigation menu to access the in-game Shop to check out the full collection of this week’s lovely customizations.