HAWKED | 1.4.1 Update Notes

Look alive, Renegades! The following changes are available in HAWKED as of the latest update on Thursday, March 28, 2024. Update your game to play the latest version of HAWKED for free on your platform of choice.


  • Added a new type of Renegade customization: Masks
  • New Contracts have been added to the potential pool, plus tweaks to Contract balance.



Smooth traversal has always been a top priority for HAWKED. We want it to feel intuitive, giving Renegades the same tricks to get around X-Isle while inviting them to rely more on their Gear, Weapons, and treasures to outwit rivals. 

That said, the overuse of certain traversal mechanics can make for a negative competitive experience and sap the fun out of the hunt. With Update 1.4.1, we’re making a few changes to how jumping and sprinting work. We toned down the ability to jump non-stop to make combat feel more tactical, and for jumping to be used more selectively, with awareness of its limits. We also made changes to general traversal speed. If you’re only holding a traverser, you’ll be able to explore X-Isle much faster than if you’re primed with a weapon.

Have a read, check out the video, and try them out for yourself when Update 1.4.1 lands this week. As always, we’re reading all your feedback and reviewing match data and will make more changes in the future as necessary.


  • Jumping is now more heavily affected by a decline depending on how often it is used. This means repetitive actions (such as bunny-hopping) are no longer as effective.
  • The decline in jumping effectiveness cuts jumping height by 67% rather than 50%.
  • The decline in jumping effectiveness cuts jumping distance by 33%.
  • Jumping distance now scales with speed. If you’re not sprinting at maximum speed, your jump distance and height will not be as great.


  • Your sprinting speed is increased if you run without a weapon in hand.
  • Stamina now continues to deplete during a jump if you perform it from a sprint or slide.
  • Stamina consumption while sprinting has been reduced from 10 to 8 units per second.


  • Haste Buff no longer removes the delay before stamina regeneration after sprinting, sliding, and somersaulting. It also no longer gives bonus speed while sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug with jump cooldowns not working.


  • [Artifact] Survival Slab
    • Instead of placing one barrier between you and an assailant, two barriers will now be placed at a short distance from each other, providing cover to the left and right.
    • Legendary Upgrade: No longer changes the size and form of barriers.
    • Barrier longevity changed from 4/6 seconds to 6/8 seconds.
    • Cooldown changed from 35/30/25/20 seconds to 30/26/23/20 seconds.
    • Base size of barriers increased.
    • Stone barriers cannot be destroyed by explosions.
  • [Artifact] Ambusher
    • No longer triggers while sliding.
  • [Artifact] Nimble Newt 
    • No longer grants a bonus to sprinting speed.


  • [Booster] Traveler's Way
    • Before: Restore 200% more stamina when using your Traverser for movement.
    • Now: You move 25% faster while using your Traverser or climbing and restore 100% more stamina in the process.
  • [Booster] Hunter's Ire
    • Damage bonus increased from 40% to 50%.
  • [Booster] Exo Master
    • Cooldown bonus decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • [Booster] Ward Master
    • Cooldown bonus decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • [Booster] Deep-Sea Sense
    • Auto-ping marker no longer moves with the target.


  • [Exo Gear] Doomerang
    • Base damage decreased from 30 to 25.
    • Cooldown increased from 14 to 15 seconds.
  • [Ward Gear] Echo-Pulsar
    • Cooldown increased from 25 to 28 seconds.
    • Rare Upgrade: Scanning wave radius bonus decreased from 50% to 30%.
    • Base scanning wave radius decreased from 40m to 35m.
  • [Ward Gear] Fringe Fader
    • Duration increased from 8/9.5/11 seconds to 9/11/13 seconds.
  • [Ward Gear] Snap-Track
    • Rare/Legendary Upgrades: Restoration after teleportation decreased from 30/60% to 25/50%.


  • Added confirmation before rerolling a Quest in the Quests tab.
  • Improved animations for all buttons.
  • Improved climbing animations triggered while a Renegade is falling.
  • Improved enemy Renegades’ positioning while climbing up ledges.
  • Reverted chest interaction animation to its previous animation.
  • Tutorial UI animations updated.
  • Added animation for opening the navigation menu.
  • Improved Nellie's dialogue.
  • While using a gamepad, the mode change button has been changed from D-pad ↑ to D-pad ↓.
  • Notifications about applying and removing a buff of the same type will mutually exclude each other, reducing the total number of notifications shown simultaneously.
  • Increased time between Crowdbasher attacks from 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Ping (latency) removed from the UI due to technical issues.


  • [Glyph] Fish
    • No longer grants bonus sprinting speed while in water.
  • [Glyph] Hourglass
    • Duration and cooldown bonuses decreased from 25% to 20%.


  • [Personal Mod] High Gear
    • Cooldown bonus decreased from 30% to 20%.


  • Improved accuracy when hipfiring weapons while jumping and in motion:
    • All Weapons: Reduced spread.
    • Shotguns: Reduced additional spread.



  • [Achievement/Trophy] Ace Up Your Sleeve
    • Fixed a bug that prevented progression.
  • [Achievement/Trophy] Gear Collector
    • No longer counts purchases made by squadmates.
    • [Achievement/Trophy] Specialist
    • Healing with the Get-Up Gun counts towards progression.
  • [Achievement/Trophy] Opportunist
    • Fixed a bug that prevented progression.
  • [Achievement/Trophy] Stuntin’ On ‘Em
    • Fixed a bug that prevented progression.


  • Fixed a bug where Nellie was not holding the spear in her hand during the ritual cutscene.


  • Fixed the positioning of buckets in Disciple camps.


  • Fixed the mapping for the Forest Guardian Weapon Pattern on the Tyrant-8.
  • Fixed the glove for the Recon Raptor Exo Gear displaying incorrectly while wearing the Aztec Spirit Avatar.


  • Fixed "Change Form" key binding for Traverser in the Loadout.
  • Fixed issue with customization options being visible for Avatars that don’t support those options.
  • Fixed rotation with the mouse button while customizing in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain notifications regarding GRAIL Loyalty not to be visible.
  • Fixed item positioning when switching Traverser forms in the Shop.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to freeze on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC while playing on low graphics settings.


  • [Quest] Cosmic Connections
    • Fixed a bug that prevented progression.
  • [Quest] Common Artifact Hunter

Fixed a bug that prevented progression.


  • [Zeybek Dance Emote] Fixed a bug where weapons are not hidden while activating the Emote.
  • Fixed an issue where your Renegade would not face certain interactions.

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